Sunday, April 15, 2012

15 months- March 22nd

Height- 31" 69%
Weight- 22 lbs 37%

This girl already has the doctors office figured out...SHE HATES IT! Our poor doctor can't even come in the room with out Payten screaming and crying. So just imagine at how impossible it is for him to check her. It is not easy! However, she is a very healthy baby and growing like a weed!

I have not been very good at keeping track of when she learns new things but things she has learned since turning a year:
-Things she says: Hi, thank you, all done, daddy, mommy, grandpa, grandma, bo bo (Deven's dog), ah oh, up, hot dog & Be be (Brighton).
-Blows kisses (even makes the muah sound)
-loves to give little kids kisses
-Drinks out of a cup (has to make the ahh sound when done, even if she is pretending)
-Patty Cake
-Tries to walk up the stairs (refuses to learn how to go down them)
-Fold arms and closes her eyes
-Hits herself on the head when she sees people, especially her daddy (she thinks it is so funny).
-Climbs on everything
-Does bump it, hits her knuckles to your knuckles.
-Loves to dance with her arms
-Winks, with both eyes :)
-Animal sounds: bunny (she says hop hop), fish (makes fish face and opens and closes her mouth), horse, dog, and cow.
-Has to sit on my counter when I am getting ready.
-Peak a boo
-Knocks on the windows and doors
-Loves her baths (a half hour is a normal time in the bath unless we are in a hurry)

She is still a stinker and does not eat very well. She picks at her food a little, but does not eat a solid meal very well. She still takes bottles throughout the day. The result of her not eating very well is her walking up randomly throughout the night :(. We dont make her cry it out very long because we know that she is hungry since she doesn't eat very well throughout the day. We let her cry for about 5 minutes though to make sure it wasn't just a little random cry. Also lately we have noticed that she is starting to get more nightmares. She then just needs a little love and then usually will lay back down to sleep.

She goes to bed around 10 and then doesn't get out of bed until around 8-9:30. She still takes two naps during the day. First nap is about 2.5 hours and then her second is around 1.5 hrs. We tried a couple times with only one nap, but she just really still needs two. She goes down for her first nap at noon and then her second one around 5:30-6:30 depending on when she wakes up from her first.

When she does eat she is very messy. She has to get her baths after she eats!

By the time she is ready to get out of the bath her hair is usually all dried and she looks like a beached whale. Even once I drain the water she still stays in :)

Everyday she keeps getting funnier! We just love her so much and can't believe how much joy she brings to our lives.

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