Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our house

Our house is just sitting waiting for us to move it. It's all finished and cleaned and ready for us to move it. But you just got to love the underwriting people! We are just waiting on them to finish their stuff so we can close on our house. We were suppose to close last wednesday and now we are just hoping to close sometime this week since we have to be out of our house by the end of the week :(. Its going to be one busy week this week! Can't wait until its over and hope we are in our new home by the end of the week!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our craft from the weekend!

We have learned our lesson that buying something that is already put together with all the small parts is not the easiest thing to paint. We were too busy and didn't have time to cut anything out ourselves so I just bought the thing pre built. Deven helped with the painting and it came together nicely...As long as you don't look up close and personal ;) The Beware was suppose to be spaced all over and instead it ended up looking like two words. I might repaint it! But for now we will just leave it :)

Last Weekend at the Cabin

Tanner loved wearing that helmet in the cabin all weekend! He loves wearing helmets.

Stephen and Katie

It was pretty cold up on the top of the ridge. Madison was all bundled up in between us.

We wrapped Tanner up in Madison's scarf! He said he wasn't cold but his lip was shivering. He loved riding and got mad when we would stop.

We have carpet!

Master bath

The kitchen/dinning room is kinda dark and hard to see

Obviously our stairs going upstairs

Looking in through the front door- the carpet is tan. It looks kinda like it has a pink tone to it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our cabinets and countertops

Our master bath room

Our kitchen! Its looking like our home more and more!

Crafts from the weekend!

Deven is such an amazing and talented husband to cut the witch and cat for me to make over the weekend. It is so nice that he knows how to cut out all the wood for me and my mother-in-law is very talented at painting. She was a very good teacher this weekend as she taught me how to paint my crafts and make them come alive. It was so much fun! I can't wait to start doing some for the other holidays!

The weekend at the cabin

We spent saturday night at the cabin and when we got there there was snow on the deck. Deven was so excited he just can't for the snow to be in the valley. On sunday it started snowing and then it turned to hail. It was loud and the hail was sticking on the ground for a while. Then after the hail it turned to rain. And now at home it has been raining pretty hard all day :(

It was pretty cool because all weekend long there were helicopters clearing the dead trees out. All the trees were dead from the beetles. It is so sad about all the dead pine trees.

Chris' birthday (My brother)

I uploaded the pictures backwards but oh well. After putting them on I realized we didn't take any group pictures on my camera.

Our nephew Tanner loved Chris' monster truck so much he stole in and is washing it in the sink for him to play with it!

This is Chris' cake I made for his birthday it weight 9.4 lbs. It has a few of the decorations gone though as you can see in these later pictures who took them. It was a fudge crunch and brownie cake!
Madison and Tanner could not wait to eat the trees. Made from a sugar cone!

Tanner drove the monster truck so many times on the little track I made.

It was supposed to be a motorcycle cake but you would think I would learn from all the other cakes I have done, is to buy the toy first. After I make the cake I then go and try to find the toy and I never can when I need it.

Craft Night

Last thursday night we had craft night with some of my girl friends from school! It was so much fun! We made Autumn blocks! As you know I love bright colors so even with my blocks for autumn I used bright colors. However, they do have the orange, yellow and red in them~

Our Stucco color and paint

Our door will be painted maroon like the vent above our left window

Kinda hard to tell the paint color but it looks great! Its always a little scary waiting to see how things will turn out after picking all the colors for your house!