Saturday, September 18, 2010

I passed!!!

I would just like to post that my gestational diabetes test went great! I am not anemic or a diabetic. I was worried about the drink but my flavor was lemon-lime and just tasted like pop. I had no problem drinking it ;) Then I took my blood and just sat there so nicely ;) Man I am just growing up so much that I can just go and have my blood taken. I have never been a big fan of needles, but am quickly learning to get over that because if I want my bundle of joy here I will have a lot of getting poked. So now for the future children we have, I will know that the test is not bad at all!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello 3rd Trimester- 27 weeks!

Wow I'm 2/3rds of the way done! That is very exciting! Deven was very cute and sang Happy 3rd trimester to me (to the tune of happy birthday). He then brought me up a couple of pop tarts with our lighter and put the lighter over the pop tarts and lit it. I had to blow the lighter out while he sang me the song again. He was very cute and it really made my morning/day!!

Now I'm off to take my gestational diabetes test. I'm very interested in knowing what this drink will taste like...i have heard many different things about it. And then I get to have my blood drawn, not a big fan of getting that done but what do you do. These are the joys that come with bringing my little Payten to us! Which she is very active! She is constantly jabbing me with one of her body parts and moving all around. I love that feeling except when she takes me by surprise and throws a punch ;)! Well off to take me test- wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I am not good at taking pictures of activities we do ;( but this was a picture from boating at Deer Creek a couple weeks ago. Notice my lovely life jacket can't be zipped up. But at least I could do the straps to the loosest.

Labor day weekend we went down to lake Powell and spent a couple nights there. It was a lot of fun and really nice temperature. The water was amazing just the way I like it, warm!! But I of course took zero pictures. Maybe once Payten comes I will be alot better at keeping up with taking pictures.

26 Weeks!

Today i'm 26 weeks and feeling great! Except for occasionally having some soreness but I guess that comes with me growing like a weed. I'm not sure why my face looks so terrible but it does, Dont mind the ghostly color I have going on either. Lets just blame everything on me being pregnant ;)

Payten's room is slowly coming together. We now have her crib, dresser, glider (rocker), and changing table set up. So these are just a couple pictures of them. Pictures of her room will slowly get posted as I work on her room slowly! But at least she has her furniture!!!

I'm thankful to have married such a handy man! He is great at putting everything together for me!! I love him to death!