Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thumb, Finger, hand sucker

Payten still won't use a binkie! I constantly try to get her to use one but she spits it out and puts her thumb in. However, she sucks on whatever finger, thumb, or hand at the time she feels like. Even after constantly gaging herself, she stills sucks on her fingers. I have no idea what I am going to do with her.

4 Months- April 22, 2011

My good friend I went to school with took these cute pictures of Payten! So if you need a good photographer let me know, she is amazing! She is sending me more, so I cant wait to see them!

Payten is growing up so fast! Time really needs to slow down. Life since sleep training has been wonderful...for about a month now she sleeps through the night and let me say I feel so energized! Since being in Washington I love spending every minute playing with Payten and not working (even though when I worked she came with me) being here we play all day. Sometimes I think of all the unpacking I should finish doing but I just don't want to stop play with her.

4 Months Stats
Height- 25'' 79%
Weight- 12lbs 8 oz 27%
Head- 15 1/4'' 3%

She loves to:
Grab things, always likes to be holding something
Puts everything in her mouth
Rolls over (stomach to back, back to stomach)
When drinking her bottle she has to have her hands next to her mouth and most of the time she puts her fingers in her mouth while drinking.