Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saturday 4 wheeler trip!!

We went down to Cherry Creek riding with Devens parents and brother last saturday! Well I wanted to go up this hill but got a terrible start at going up it and didnt make it all the way to the top. I was SO close ;) but unfortunately I got it stuck in all the sand ;)!! So Deven is trying to get it out and I captured a sweet picture!
Unfortunately it got stuck even more! Deven was so excited to get to finally use his winch! I told him I got it stuck just for him!!!! That way he could try his winch out!
We hooked it up to his dads. It was at a downward pull though so it took a little more to get it out.
Then once we got ours unstuck we couldnt unhook the winch. So Deven had to get down and dirty to try to unhook it!

After we rode we made a fire and cooked hot dogs! I LOVE hot dogs and Deven always makes fun of me for liking them so much!
We had a great time 4-wheeling!

We have grass growing!!!

We have grass popping up now so its great! Just the wait is killing me until I am able to run through the grass when the sprinklers are on! ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time to get caught up on blogging!

Lets just start off by saying how excited we are that school is done for the summer. We have very much been waiting for the semester to be over. We just have so much we have t do with our yard!! We are tired of having dirt and having the dirt tracked all throughout our house! But lucky for us these last couple of weeks we have been solving that problem!

Things that are checked off our list:
  • Sprinklers- done
  • flowers- done
  • trees- done
  • mulch (we needed to add something to our clay)- done
  • gravel- done
  • hydroid seed- done tomorrow (friday) at 2!!!!
Our yard is finally coming together! Even though it will take around 3 weeks for our grass to fully grow in it is worth the wait!! We are saving tons of money to have it hydroid seeded. The perks without having any kids right now to run all over it and ruin it!

Here are some pictures of our yard coming together!

Side note- Jackets from when you were 12 work great for working in the yard!! Who doesnt love my jacket!!!???