Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trip to Washington March 7th-21st!

Payten went on her first plane ride when she was 2.5 months old. I was a little worried but she did amazing. I just gave her a bottle on take off and when we were coming down to land to help pop her ears. Going there and flying back she did amazing!

The flight was not full so we were able to take her car seat on with us and put in on the seat next to us. She fell asleep after take off and I was pretty jealous of her seat of how comfy she looked.
When we got there we met Grandpa Bill (my moms dad)! We surprised him when he was driving tractor. So Payten had her first tractor ride at 2 1/2 months. I dont think I was that little when I had my first ride. On the tractor ride all the bumping made her fall asleep.

Its amazing that all four of us fit in the tractor for a ride.
She met her great great aunt (I love you Aunt Lynette) :) obviously she is very young though. She is my moms aunt who is actually younger than my mom.
She met some of her cousins and my aunt and uncle. While there we celebrated my grandma and grandpas birthday!
She met grandma Judy! Payten loved sitting on her lap and being rocked by grandma.

My parents got a bouncer for her to play in and she absolutely loved all the toys on it. She would play so much on it that she would get worn out and fall asleep.

Deven was not able to be there the whole time we were. So we were away from him for a week. We missed him so much...I especially missed him at night times when he usually helps me with her during the night. Deven flew in on the 16th and Payten was all smiles when she saw him. She just grinned and talked to him the whole drive back to my parents house.

Payten's baby blessing March 6th

Bird side- Parents, siblings, grandma, and aunt

Johnson side- Parents, Grandparents, siblings (missing Deven's brother who is on a mission and his twin sister Katie's family who lives in Ohio.

Payten's photo shoot after her blessing at our house!

Bumbos are perfect to take pictures of her sitting up since she is not able to sit up by herself.

She was very tired of the photo shoot and all the flashing-

Later that night we took cousin pictures on the Bird side. This is her cousin Ethan

Payten and Ethan are 5 months apart

Youngest to oldest- 2.5 months, 7.5 months, 2, 4, and 7 years old

The newest grand baby coming April 28th!

My brother Josh and Nikki's 3 kids

My brother Chris & Shani's boy and baby boy on the way!

2 months February 22nd

I am a month behind :(

Each day Payten keeps becoming more and more alert. She has also started to become aware of strangers (meaning anyone not her mom or dad). I can't believe how young she is and is already starting to be afraid of strangers. She usually turns her bottom lip down and then start to whimper and then starts to cry. She also starts to smile so big every time you look at her and talk to her. She loves to sit up and if she is laid back she tries to sit up. As you can see in the bottom picture she loves to sit in the bumbo. That bumbo is her cousins but we gave it a try and she sat in it for about 15 minutes, she absolutely loved it. So a couple days later we bought her her very own bumbo.