Saturday, January 22, 2011

Payten's Photo shoot

When Payten was in the hospital they came and took pictures of her, my little model! She was only 2 Days Old!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Payten Lynn

I downloaded these pictures backwards- so scroll down to see them in order :)

She did not like her first bath

She liked it when it was over!

Christmas Day- Payten got spoiled

On the way home from the hospital on Christmas Day we stopped by Devens parents house to talk to Devens little brother who is on his mission in Taiwan! He is doing great!

About to leave the hospital on Christmas with the best present ever!!!

She loves to be on your shoulder and looking all around.

Our family on Christmas Eve

Just had lotion put on

Getting ready to go on our first walk around the hospital.

We never thought we would have such a little peanut, had to buy more newborn clothes after she was born.

They brought her too me in a cute christmas stocking!

I'm not sure I can look any hotter in this picture! Man I was looking so good. About 2 hours after surgery :)

Such a big stocking for our little girl!

Did not like her bath here either, but loved it when they washed her hair.

She loves her hands next to her face

A very proud and happy dad!!!

Payten Lynn
11:17 a.m.
6.9 lbs & 18.5 inches

40 Weeks

Man not only did my belly grow like a weed, my face did too :(!