Sunday, September 27, 2009

We have our first stucco layer

Taken from our front door. Looking at the formal living room and then family room.

In the kitchen looking towards the family room. Its all ready to be painted inside!

My 1st time hunting!!!

On our way to go find a camp spot to go hunting!

It was a gorgeous sunset!

Thought it would be cool to take it through the mirror

Another sunset! It was so pretty up there. Especially seeing the leaves change colors.

Sitting down waiting for a Deer to come out!

The only camo I had was my hat. Deven has already assured me that next time I will have a lot more camo!

After eating breakfast, cinnamon rolls!

I had a lot of fun camping and going hunting. Even though we didn't shoot anything (I'm sad Deven didn't get one but kinda glad in a way because I don't think I could have handled the clean out of the Deer. Deven forgot to inform me of that part until we were walking around looking for a Deer. I thought we just would some how haul the deer to the car. But I learned that we had to gut it before we took it any where.
It was a good weekend get away! I'm glad we were able to go out! Even though we did not bring anything home, we still had a lot of fun!

Going back to when we moved into our place!

Deven setting up the BBQ I got him as a wedding present!

Deven bought me couches as a wedding present! I love them so much, Stephen came to help us move them in.

Our 9 drawer- I still can't believe Deven made it!

The final product! Deven did such an amazing job on the bedroom set!

Deven's dad and brother helped put our bed together

Trying to organize our kitchen!

Deven made our whole bed set in his high school wood shop class!

Deven & mine bedroom

The start of moving everything into our house!

We were so blessed that we found such an amazing place to stay at until our house got finished. The house we are renting right now is perfect and here are some of the pictures from us first starting our lives together!!!

We have loved living in this gorgeous home, but can't wait until our home gets finished and we can have our own home. I can't wait to start decorating! I'm even more excited that we will be moving in before Halloween so I will be able to start decorating for all the holidays!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Never Waited in line for anything...

Until yesterday I had never waited in line for anything in my life. My girl friends in class however talked me into waiting in line at Roberts arts and crafts to be the first 50 people to get a $25 gift card. Yesterday we got there at 6 am.

So after yesterday we thought that hey lets do it again today. Man let me tell you it was so much harder to get up the second day. But today we got there at 5 am. Being a saturday we knew more people would get there earlier today. We did not want to miss out on another $25 gift card. We were actually closer to the front this time. And we got our second $25 gift card. So I made out with $50 and thought it was very much worth the waiting in line.

As you can see with our new home being built it needs a few homey decorations with the holidays coming soon. Halloween can't come soon enough! By then we should be all moved into our new home!!

Our Home- Its coming slowly but surely!

When we were looking at our house this was what the sky looked like from our front door!

Our master bedroom all sheet rocked

Getting so close to being ready for the stucco. We have our sofit and fascia up!

The back of the house

Deven trying out our guest bathroom

We have windows and shingles

Day 2 of Framing

Day 1 of framing

The foundation!

Our hole!

Another Try at this Blogging World!

Since our last post was in June we have decided and told by many that we REALLY need to update our blog and become bloggers. It's one of those things I just dont feel old enough to be a blogger or that I have had the proper training. However, I will sure give this another try! So here we go!!!