Sunday, April 15, 2012

15 months- March 22nd

Height- 31" 69%
Weight- 22 lbs 37%

This girl already has the doctors office figured out...SHE HATES IT! Our poor doctor can't even come in the room with out Payten screaming and crying. So just imagine at how impossible it is for him to check her. It is not easy! However, she is a very healthy baby and growing like a weed!

I have not been very good at keeping track of when she learns new things but things she has learned since turning a year:
-Things she says: Hi, thank you, all done, daddy, mommy, grandpa, grandma, bo bo (Deven's dog), ah oh, up, hot dog & Be be (Brighton).
-Blows kisses (even makes the muah sound)
-loves to give little kids kisses
-Drinks out of a cup (has to make the ahh sound when done, even if she is pretending)
-Patty Cake
-Tries to walk up the stairs (refuses to learn how to go down them)
-Fold arms and closes her eyes
-Hits herself on the head when she sees people, especially her daddy (she thinks it is so funny).
-Climbs on everything
-Does bump it, hits her knuckles to your knuckles.
-Loves to dance with her arms
-Winks, with both eyes :)
-Animal sounds: bunny (she says hop hop), fish (makes fish face and opens and closes her mouth), horse, dog, and cow.
-Has to sit on my counter when I am getting ready.
-Peak a boo
-Knocks on the windows and doors
-Loves her baths (a half hour is a normal time in the bath unless we are in a hurry)

She is still a stinker and does not eat very well. She picks at her food a little, but does not eat a solid meal very well. She still takes bottles throughout the day. The result of her not eating very well is her walking up randomly throughout the night :(. We dont make her cry it out very long because we know that she is hungry since she doesn't eat very well throughout the day. We let her cry for about 5 minutes though to make sure it wasn't just a little random cry. Also lately we have noticed that she is starting to get more nightmares. She then just needs a little love and then usually will lay back down to sleep.

She goes to bed around 10 and then doesn't get out of bed until around 8-9:30. She still takes two naps during the day. First nap is about 2.5 hours and then her second is around 1.5 hrs. We tried a couple times with only one nap, but she just really still needs two. She goes down for her first nap at noon and then her second one around 5:30-6:30 depending on when she wakes up from her first.

When she does eat she is very messy. She has to get her baths after she eats!

By the time she is ready to get out of the bath her hair is usually all dried and she looks like a beached whale. Even once I drain the water she still stays in :)

Everyday she keeps getting funnier! We just love her so much and can't believe how much joy she brings to our lives.

Our new Tahoe- Amazing how things work out! March 21st

For months we had been looking for a Tahoe we liked with lower miles. There was just nothing that was really catching our eye. On KSL there were only about 10 on there and things were not looking all that promising. I thought that I might just have to settle on one. My biggest thing was though is that I wanted this vehicle to last for many many years, so I wanted to have one that I really liked and that down the road I wouldn't have to change things on it.

Literarily the night we sold our truck, a guy posted a Tahoe at midnight. Deven before going to work in the morning thought he would take his truck ad off KSL, and then quickly see if anything had changed on KSL with Tahoes! And THERE IT WAS!!!! It was seriously everything we had wanted. There was nothing I would have to change about it, low miles, and the color was the exact color I had been wanting. The ad said that it was Grandma owned...that can always be questionable though at how good the inside looked though.

Well Deven told me about the Tahoe on his way to work. In the middle of me getting ready for the day, I ran downstairs to check it out. The guy did not post any pictures of the inside of it though. Without seeing the inside I told Deven I needed to have it. So I called the guy and talked to him about it and asked if he could send me pictures of the inside. Sadly he lived in Vernal (3 hrs away) so I was not able to just run and check it out. As soon as getting pictures of the inside I called Deven back and told him that I was going to buy it :), I told him that I would call the bank and see about getting a loan. As soon as I got cleared for a loan I called the guy back and told him that it was SOLD, and that I would come and pick it up tomorrow!!! I called Deven back once again and told him we were going to be proud owners of a new Tahoe!!!!

It always amazes me at how things work out the way they do and when they do. Deven happened to have the next day off, so we were able to make the drive to Vernal to get the Tahoe. However, I was prepared just in case it was not as good as I thought it was to not buy it, but if that would be the case I was going to be crushed. The night before getting it I could not fall asleep. I was just so excited that we finally found one exactly like we had wanted. The guy told me on the phone that the bright red color of the Tahoe was not a common color and you would only find a few of them. I was just so happy that it was the bright red color since I had always wanted my next vehicle that color!

We drove the next morning and went to look at it. And it was PERFECT and exactly what we wanted!!! We were happy to take the Tahoe off their hands. Deven was so nice and even let me drive the new Tahoe home! We still love it!

Sold our truck March 19th

Deven and I decided that with the lack of snow we had been getting that it was not worth keeping our snowplow business. So we thought we would get out of that business. Then we decided that since we don't all fit in the truck very well that maybe it would be best if we sold the truck and get us a Tahoe. That way we could still haul things with it and then Payten and I would have a big, safe vehicle to drive in.

The day we sold our truck was a very hard day for Deven. He loved his truck and loved even more the cheap gas (natural gas) it took. The guy who bought it was so excited about it. And Deven still randomly sees it driving around so that makes him happy!

Double ear infection :( March 15th

At night when we were putting Payten to bed she felt really hot. We took her temperature and it was 100 degrees. We watch her for a little bit and then put her to bed. The next morning we kept checking her temperature and it was a little over 100. And she just laid on me, which was not normal for her. She usually has to be down and playing. I put a cool towel on her forhead and surprisingly she kept it there, I knew by that that she really was not feeling good. Deven was snowmobiling with his dad that day and I texted him that I think we might need to take her in. Her temperature got to 102 and I put her in the bath tub. When I was putting a little water over her head she screamed and cried. I hurried and got her out and thought maybe it is her ears. She hadn't touched them though at all. So when Deven got home we took her to the doctor and found out that she had a double ear infection :(. She was miserable for a couple more days. She was taking a lot of medicine for her ears and to keep her temperature down. It is a nightmare giving her medicine so we were glad when we could finally be done with it. Then she finally got back to her normal self. I hate when she gets so sick like that.

Outside Girl

With the crazy weather we keep having when it is nice outside we try to take full advantage of it and play outside. This girl would be outside even when it is freezing though. She loves outside so much and gets very mad when we bring her in!

This girl loves outside so much we thought we better get her a little slide for her to play on! She loves it and loves just being outside!

This girl is not afraid to get dirty, her daddy loves it! For some reason she loves the dirt so much. She loves to walk in it, sit in it, and play in it.

She loves to help her daddy and pull weeds.

Vegas Feb. 24th- March 1st

Unfortunately I just remembered that most of our vegas trip pictures are on my mom's camera because my camera got a dead battery and I forgot to take the charger :)

My whole family took a little trip to Vegas the end of February. It was for about a week but with everyones different schedules my brothers and their families were randomly there at different times. For the most part we were all there together for at least one day.

When Deven and I got there we met up with my good childhood friend Darci and her husband and daughter. We saw their beautiful home and then Stephen and Lisa meet up with us and we all went to dinner. After dinner Darci's husband Neil who is PA was nice enough to look at my knee. I was not able to walk very well at all on it. He said it was bruised really good but no big damage was done and that as soon as the swelling goes down I would be able to walk better. It was so nice to have him look at it since it had been 4 days since I hurt it!

The rest of the time in Vegas was spent playing at the parks, swimming, walking around the Strip, buffets, walking through a few casinos (Deven and I spent $1 and it was all gone with the push of one button), & The bass pro shop. While staying in the condos it was nice while Payten was napping I was able to get a little bit of scrapbooking done. It was easier to do it there when I did not have to worry about all the other things I needed to be doing while she was napping, like cleaning.

Deven only stayed until Monday though and then headed back home for school. He was so nice and let Payten and I stay the rest of the week there with my family. He is such a good husband! I love that he always lets me staying places longer with my family if he has to leave earlier but I hate having him stay home alone. He tells me he is a big boy though and that he is just fine...I just hate leaving him though :(

Payten's first time on a slide. She liked it but thought she needed to climb up it!

On the way home..she was all tuckered out from a busy fun week!

She was eating fruit snacks on the drive home and could not figure out what happened to one of her snacks :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Falling out of bed :) Feb. 20st

I will give everyone this one opportunity to laugh at me!!!
While sleeping peacefully Feb. 20th the next thing I knew is that I'm on the floor in so much pain! I killed both knees and feel like I broke my pinky toe. Yes that is correct I fell out of bed! Not sure if I had a claustrophobic dream or a Zumba dream resulting in me falling out of bed. Deven heard a loud noise that scared the crap out of him and then saw me sprawled out on the floor. He lifted me back in bed and I wanted to die of pain. Never have I had a rug burn hurt so bad! Not even sure how me falling resulted in a rug burn! He tried finding neosporum around the house for me and I heard him constantly laughing at me. I can't blame him because I was crying/laughing myself. He bandaged me up and said, "I thought the next person I would have to worry about falling out of bed would be Payten and not my wife"!!!

Little mommy Feb 16th

Payten is a good little mommy! She loves to pretend to give her babies, animals, or stuffed animals a bottle. She even gets a bowl and spoon and pretends to mix food up and then gives food to them too. She will even make food for Deven and I and feed us too! She has to make the sound affects also while feeding, its pretty cute!

Mystery Cat Feb. 16th

One day while eating lunch a cat was outside our back window. Payten loves animals but she was unsure about this strange cat at her window that she has never seen before.

She could not focus on eating at all.

I finally just put her down so that she could check out the kitty.

After a little while she got comfortable with the idea of the kitty at her window and wanted to give it some kisses.

The kitty than ran off and Payten was a little sad and could not find where that kitty went. We have not see it since.

Valentines Day!

Deven and Payten suprised me with beautiful flowers!!!

Payten got to books from us, "Kiss Kiss", "Hug Hug"!

This bear she actually got from last Valentines Day! She loves that bear!

We stayed home that day and enjoyed being together as a family. Call me crazy but I would rather stay home that night than go out when every place will be full of people!

Midnight couponing trip!

I got 141 items and I should have paid $236.34 and I only paid $93.54. I saved $142.80!

Shani and I decided that we wanted to be really crazy on Feb 13th and go for a midnight shopping trip. Tuesday in Utah you can double your coupons up to a dollar. And EVERYONE coupons on that day. So sometimes if you want to get certain items you have to be crazy and go at midnight. And going at that time there are a lot of other couponers too.

We ended up getting home at about 2:30 and then unfortunately I could not turn my brain off and fall asleep until almost 4 :(. Lets just say the next day was miserable and I had a killer head ache all day...that was a first and last midnight trip for us :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aquarium Feb. 8th

M parents were in town for a short visit so we decided to go to the Aquarium. Payten absolutely loves seeing animals!

Not sure what Payten's face is about :)

My two brothers, Josh and Stephen's families went too!