Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Weekend

This last weekend Deven and I went down to St. George for the weekend with our friends. We had such an amazing time down there and loved every minute. It was fun being with our friends and being in the sunshine and warm weather!

Deven and I carpooled down with Jessica and Mitch. On our way down we stopped at the Cache Valley Cheese factory in Beaver. I love squeaky cheese and I have been craving it for so long, I had no idea there was a factory until Mitch and Jessica told us about it.

Once we got down to St. George we planned out our festivities for our saturday. We decided that we would go the outlet mall, fiesta fun, dinner, and a movie!

Our ticket to ride the go carts! Deven and I always like to try to beat each other but we always know who is going to win....Deven! I sure wish it was me but sadly its not me. However, this time I was really determined to beat him this time.
Us just about to go and sit down on the carts!

And we are off!
Sari looking a little scared because she knew Deven was coming right behind her.

Somehow Deven was passing everyone, except Sari had a way fast cart!

Kelsey was doing way good until right at the end she got pushed into the side and was stuck. She had to wait until the guy came and helped her after everyone had parked their carts.

And sadly I was in last...my go cart was pretty slow and I could not pass a single person. I must have wanted to beat Deven too bad that of course I got the slow go cart :(

At the outlet mall they had this toy store that had these sweat shirts. They had them on sale for 3 for $15. Man we were tempted to buy these sweet shirts but we resisted. We would have thought it was funny for the day and then really regretted wasting money on those shirts. So we captured these hot shirts in a picture instead. Jessica, Kelsey, Sari, and Me

Brian and Kelsey looking hot in these shirts! I think they should have bought these and wore them!

Inside the toy store they had these sweet boas. And once again we needed to capture this moment with our cute boas. We are some hot mamas-

Deven said that I could not post this picture but I thought it was just too cute! Brian, Deven, and Mitch showing off their awesome color changing rings from Del Sol.

Us girls then had to show our awesome rings too! Those rings entertained us for so long. Every time we got in the sun we had to charge up our rings and wear them proudly.

Cute Brian and Kelsey walking to the next store..of course in the sun so we can charge our rings!

After the fun at Fiesta Fun and at the mall we went to dinner at Paula's. It is a mexican restaurant and it was really good! We all love mexican food and I especially love mexican food. Then after we ate we went to a movie, Dear John. Man that is for sure a tear jerky but a very cute movie. Nothing better than spending a night at a cute movie with our husbands! They may not of enjoyed it as much but they were really good sports and took one for the team.

Valentine's Day we all helped and cooked a delicious dinner of mash potatoes, gravy, corn, and steak. It was absolutely delicious and fun cooking it all together.
Kelsey and Brian finishing up their dinner!

McKell, Sari, Mitch, and Jessica eating the dessert that Jessica made. Chocolate melting cake

Deven has been in love with this dessert ever since we went on our honeymoon. He has been missing it ever since then. And when he found out that our dessert was the Chocolate melting cake Deven was pretty much in tears ;) because of how happy he was to have his favorite dessert again.

We had such a fun weekend in St. George and couldn't believe how fast the weekend went. We loved spending the weekend with our friends and had so much fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jazz Game!!!!

We went to the Jazz game last saturday night! Our favorite player is Deron Williams, if you remember we have a life size vinyl of him in our house. So that is who #8 is! Deven's parents for part of our christmas present got us tickets to a jazz game--!! So we went with his family.

Deven's mom made the little girls jazz dresses! They were so cute- and loved to cheer for the jazz team!

Before we went to the Jazz game!

Crafts from Craft Night

Once a month some girls I go to school with get together for craft night! It is so fun because we get to talk the whole time while we are crafting. Talking is something we don't really get to do when we are at school unfortunately. Jessica always comes up with all the crafts and she does such a good job planning all the crafts! They are always so cute!

The first one is like an advent count down to valentines day! Under each magnet you can put candies or little notes in them.