Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Johnson home finally coming together!

Come right in and enjoy the tour~

There will not be any pictures of our front room (the one you enter when you walk in the front door) because that is the only room we have not done anything to it.

Here is our kitchen...
Through that door is our pantry and then it goes to the garage.

Our guest bedroom! Having a guest bedroom means we need our friends and family to come visit and stay with us. You can enjoy your stay in our lodge!

The office/sewing room/guest bedroom...

Our master bedroom! Deven made our whole bedroom set in our room! There is more that you can't see in the picture
Our closet-
As you can see our shoes are kinda thrown in there. We are going to build a shoe rack thingy ;)
Our bathroom

Just a little tour of our house! To see the rest you will just have to come and visit us to see it!!!

We are enjoying having our house, but there is a never ending story of things to be done around the house. As Deven knows I'm not very good at just relaxing because I'm constantly wanting to do different projects around the house. I have so many decorating ideas its just crazy. The only problem with having all these ideas is having the money to do them. So I work around that slight problem and make my own decorations- that is what I love to do!!! And with Deven being so good with wood, he helps me a lot!! I'm getting to the point that I can't really decided things without his input.

We have enjoyed my parents being here for the holiday break!!!! We are so thankful they have been helping us around our house putting up lots of shelves! We have lots of storage!!! They for sure have not had a relaxing break; between my house and my two brothers houses we have worked a lot this break on them all!! Thanks mom and dad for all your help, we love you guys!!!!

Sad day!

A couple days ago was a very sad day for me. I had to get rid of my Washington plates. There is something about me living in Utah with a house here and a drivers license that made it so that I had to have Utah plates as well. It was so sad to say good bye to my plates. However, I will after we finish our garage will have my Washington plate hanging proud in our garage.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree ....Oh, Christmas Tree

Deven and I went out to find our tree and then once we found it we had to come back for help to cut it down and bring it to the trailer.

Ta DA!!!!...... here is our perfect (well as perfect as we were going to find) first christmas tree!

Deven's mom was so nice to let him borrow her hat while we went on search for our tree.

As you can see the back side does not look perfect. But we thought hey thats ok because then we can push it up against the wall better ;)

Blake and Brandon were the lucky ones to sit on the back of the four-wheeler and held the christmas tree on our drive back.

Deven did an amazing job at putting the christmas lights up on our tree!

Man lets just say our tree looks beautiful! Gotta love our cheap little decorations from IKEA!!

Setting up the Christmas village Deven's mom gave to us! We love it so much!!

Meet the Johnson's!!

The Johnson Family
On thanksgiving day since all of the family was in town we took family pictures!

Meet the Clarks!
This is Deven's twin sister Katie and her husband Matt and their baby Averi! Something pretty crazy is that Matt and my brother Chris were actually mission companions. And Matt and Katie had been on a double date long before Deven and I even met. Let me says its just a small world. We love this cute little family, we only wish they lived closer to us (they live in Ohio) so we can play more :(

Meet the Stradlings!
This is Deven's older sister Maranda and her husband Brandon and their two adorable girls Brinlee and Taylor. We are so pleased to live in the same town as they do! Maranda is my hair stylist! Let me tell you, all families should have one! We love hanging out with them!

The Johnsons ;)

Deven's adorable parents Greg and Janet! We are very blessed to live about 15 minutes away from them. They are always so good to Deven and I!

The girls

The boys
Last but not least to meet is Deven's younger brother Blake (the one in the red)! Blake just finished up his first semester of college. It is always a nice treat when we get to hang out with Blake. He for sure treats me like i'm his sister!!

The Day before thanksgiving!

Our nephews and niece just can't get enough of playing with each other! Madison loves being the oldest and is great at taking care of the younger ones.

My parents brought apples galore from home so we could make a lot of apple pies! Deven was very good at peeling and cutting the apples.

The girls were in charge of making the pie crust. Madison was a great helper, she delivered all the washed apples over to Deven for him to cut them.

Stephen then cut the apples into small pieces!

Deven also got a new working vehicle/toy! Since in the winter Deven snow plows he needed to get a four-wheeler to plow the snow. It has been very nice for him doing this because our drive way is always so nicely plowed. I must say he enjoys riding the four wheeler but is not sure about all the early mornings it is going to entail for the winter season.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Late Birthday to US!!

Deven and I celebrated our birthdays in November! We are for sure behind on the blogging. Life has been so crazy though with the semester coming to a close end! I can't wait for the semester to be done. I'm on the count down... only 4 more days of schools (those are my finals)!

Deven's birthday was on the 20th of November and mine was the 21st! I must say that I love having our birthdays a day apart. Talk about two days of constant celebration! With my birthday so close to thanksgiving I have always celebrated my birthday with my parents. Well this birthday I did not think that was going to be possible :( My parents had just gotten back from a vacation and had lots to do around home and were not going to be able to make it here until monday :( I might have given my parents a bit of a guilt trip in the fact that in all my 22 years I have always had my birthday with them there and we can't stop that tradition now. So my amazing parents got it all worked out so they could come to Utah two days earlier!!! They got up saturday morning (my birthday) and left their house in Washington at 6 am so that they could drive here and be in time for our big birthday party! Let me just tell you how happy I was for them to do that for me. That truly meant the world to me that they were able to make it here for my birthday! Then the whole week they were here they worked their little fannies off!!! We really appreciate all the help they did for us on our house! We love them so much!!!

We had our nephew and niece help us blow the candles out

The birthday cake I made us!

Our nieces and nephew just wanted to sit up stairs reading books on the bed

If you don't know already and can't tell by the pictures, Deven really likes the Utah Jazz! You can see how much he loves them by the next pictures! His parents gave him a life size vinyl of his favorite player Deron Williams! So welcome to our Jazz room. It is still being put together!

The jerseys on the couch will go above the couch on both sides where it says Jazz!