Thursday, November 10, 2011

San Juan Islands Aug 4th - 7th

We spent a much needed vacation over in the San Juan islands. Deven's summer was packed full of work, so we thought it would be a nice get away!

Us on 1 of the many ferry rides we took that weekend!

Payten loved to watch the hermit crabs run around when Deven would turn rocks over!

Payten was a little unsure where and what we were doing.

We sat and watched the orcas for a long time! We saw so many of them, it was so cool!

We rented a cabin. Deven cooking some steaks!

The trip was a lot of fun! Payten loved seeing everything and seeing new animals. I have always loved the San Juan islands growing up and was very excited to share it with Deven & Payten!

8 months!

8 months!!! Aug. 22 2011

Deven told me the other day that I was fired from doing the blog. So I was happy and said "oh good, they you will do it." I did not get any response though. He can't believe at how far behind I am. I really need to get better. But every 3 months or so I at least catch up to date.

A week after Payten turned 7 months she started army crawling.

The following week she sat up from laying down. Sadly I didn't see her do it the first time. She did it after she woke up from a nap and when I went in to get her she was sitting up!!!

The day before she turned 8 months she started CRAWLING!!!!! All the baby proofing begun.

She also started:
Mooing at the cows in the back yard
feeding herself puffs and small things of food
Putting everything in her mouth (she is a human vacuum, she finds the smallest pieces too)

8.5 months started crawling upstairs. She was sitting by them and then the next thing we knew, she was crawling up them.

She continues to take 2 naps during the day from 1-2hrs each nap.

She keeps changing and growing everyday! :( Time needs to slow down!