Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 37 & 38

Life has been none stop- I thought after I finished school I would have sometime to catch up on blogging but NO! It is ok though, I have been busy getting things done around the house to get ready for our precious little girl to arrive. However, I am not liking the fact that she is almost a week over due...I'm ready for her now!!!! Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy this time and I for sure have, but we are ready to hold our little girl!

I finished school on the 9th, completely finished with my college degree!!!!!!!!! Then I have been working on a to do list I had of things to do around the house! My mom got here a week ago and has been so much help helping me finish up things before Payten comes. My dad got here friday night, we all thought we would have a couple day old baby when he got here, but we are still waiting on her. So it is very nice that my dad will be here for when Payten finally decides to come!

The plans are to induce me on wednesday (22nd) morning! Lets hope she is not stubborn still and will be ready to come and play!! The rate things are going this means there is a good chance we could be coming home from the hospital christmas eve ;-/ It is no longer our fault that her birthday is getting closer and closer to christmas...she was supposed to come 10 days before christmas, so now it is her fault if she hates when her birthday is! :) We are just waiting on her to be cooking and come out!

38 Weeks

37 Weeks