Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 months

May 22, 2011

In the time I was taking her pictures she made so many different faces and sucked on a number of different fingers or thumbs. She does not prefer a thumb or finger over the other, she switches between them all.

She does love to suck on her ring finger like this a lot! It is so funny how she really likes to suck on her finger like that.

-Moves her hands all around and loves to hold onto her toys.
-Scratch people, especially couches and her bed (whenever she wakes up in her bed she loves to reach to the side of her bed and lay there scratching her bed).
-Has no desire to hold her bottle yet, loves to stretch her hands when she drinks and hold on to your fingers! I love when she rubs her soft little hands on my hands.
-Loves to talk, say da da da (I'm working on her saying mom), scream, growl, fake cough, fake laugh, and any other new sound she can make.
-She smiles at everything and anyone. Loves to talk and smile at the lights and ceiling fans.
-Loves to roll over, it amazes me at how fast she is starting to roll over from back to front.
-Puts everything in her mouth and then loves to see how loud she can be with it in her mouth.
-When you lay her on her back she tries so hard to not lay down and tries to keep her head off the floor.
-Has found her toes and loves to examine them and grab her feet. She really likes to eat them as well.
-When sitting on your lap at dinner or at the computer whatever is in front of her she will try so hard to reach and grab whatever she can get.
-Loves to stand!
-Wears 6-9 month clothes depending on the brand. Our little peanut is growing so fast! I cant wait to find out how much she weighs and her percentiles!

Payten always has a smile on her face and is such a good baby! She now takes 1.5-2 hour naps. She has gotten on a schedule when she has her first nap at 10am and then her second one at 2pm. She goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up usually between 6:30-7am, eats real quick and then goes back to bed until around 8-8:30. I love having her scheduled! She eats during the day every 3-3.5 hours and usually eats about 4-5 ounces. If she goes longer between eating then she will wake up once during the night. She started eating her greens. Started with green beans and then green peas. She is still not too sure about them and would rather gag than swallow. She is good at opening her mouth to eat but thinks it is pretty gross after she has it in her mouth.

She is so good at going to sleep for her naps and bed time as well. We give her kisses and tell her good night and lay her down. She then rolls over and goes to sleep! I love how good she is at going to bed!

2 year anniversary!

May 21st we had our 2 year anniversary! I can't believe we have been married for 2 amazing years. I love spending every day with my best friend. Deven truly is the most amazing husband and dad anyone could ask for. I love how he is with Payten! Every day when he comes home from work he gives Payten big hugs and kisses, she smiles so big when she sees her dad and lights up so much! She loves to laugh and play with her daddy so much! Deven and I truly have been blessed with a precious baby who makes our day every day!

For our anniversary we wanted so spend it with Payten!


Official College Graduate!

I officially graduated December 17th, 2010 but our class did not walk until April 29th.

My friend Jessica and I

About to get my diploma!

My high school friend Amanda and I! Amanda and I became best friends when she lived in my home town, unfortunately she moved to Kansas with her family before she graduated and we always had a dream to have our 2nd grade classes across from each other. Then we lost touch with our busy lives and then realized we ended up at the same college and graduated together!!! Our birthdays are the same day just a year apart and she is actually expecting her first on our birthday- pretty crazy!!!


My princess did an amazing job at my graduation. Poor thing was extremely tired though.

Our little family!!

Deven's parents, my parents and my brother Stephen. It was pretty cold outside so my little bundle of joy was all bundled up!

3 generations! Too bad Payten was under the blanket!

These 4 girls were my best friends that helped me get through each day of classes!

Welcome Baby Troy Alan

April 26th, 2011

My brother Chris and his wife Shani had a handsome baby boy! Brighton loves his little brother! He can't wait until he gets to run around and play together!

Unfortunately Payten slept through meeting her new cousin. As you can see she is asleep in her car seat!