Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're having a baby GIRL!!!!


We had our ultra sound yesterday and were able to see our little princess!

She was not wanting to show herself to us, she was being very modest and kept her legs crossed very tight! The doctor knew what she was but wanted to wait until he could get a clear shot for us to see. She is very much like her mom and had one leg straight out and the other leg crossed over. Deven thinks it is so weird how I like to sleep like that, but we have our little girl already taking after me.

During the ultra sound she kept moving constantly. Her hands were either over her face or her legs crossed. She also likes to lay on her tummy with her butt sticking in the air. I must say she does have a lot of traits her mom has ;) Deven thinks she is going to be a mini me to the "T" when she comes out!

We are both tickled pink to have a little girl! This is the 4th girl on Devens family out of four. And she will be the 2nd girl on my side out of 5. We are all so excited and I just cant wait to start shopping for pinks! This little girl unfortunately (she might change her mind on her favorite color when she can say her opinion) will be born into loving pink since that is my favorite color.

Well most probably wouldn't think we have a name for her yet...BUT WE DO!!! Deven and I both decided on a boys and girls name right when we found out we were pregnant.
So our little princess's name is going to be PAYTEN LYNN!!!

We love missions!

We took Devens brother to the MTC on the 21st of July. So he has only been in there for about a week and a half. Then on this last monday I went to the temple and as I was standing talking outside with my family Elder Johnson walked out of the temple! I yelled for him and he say Stephen first and got a smile on his face, and then he saw me and got an even bigger smile on his face. We talked for a little while and found out that everything was going great for him and that he was loving it. He looked so good! We could not believe that we ran into each other. Deven and his family were pretty jealous I got to see Blake!

New Nephew!!!

We have a new addition to our family! My brother Josh and his wife Nikki had their third child. Ethan Joshua is about a week old and is doing great! I just cant get enough of him! His older brother Tanner and older sister Madison just can't get enough of him. Madison could hold him for hours on end, but Tanner holds him for a couple minutes and then says, "he is too heavy" and wants someone to come and take him.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 4th

For the fourth of July we stayed the weekend up at Devens family cabin! This extremely small mining town was packed of people for the parade!

Deven and Blake were like little kids running out and getting all the candy! Thanks to them we actually ended up getting a lot of good candy!

I struggle for some reason not wearing any patriot colors! Next year I'm determined to be better and wear a better fourth of July outfit! I told Deven I thought we should wear matching shirts but he didn't think that idea was very funny- I guess I will have to match our new baby! I can match the baby at least until it has an opinion ;)

Washington continued...

While I was at home my mom helped Madison and I sew blankets! My mom and Madison made a quilt and my mom helped me sew my first baby blanket. Since we still dont know what we are having we made it a generic blanket- it is really soft and just the kind of blanket I was wanting! I have the best mom ever who helped me figure out how to sew with the difficult fabric I picked out- and it turned out beautiful!!! Thanks mom!!!!

My parents this summer started a very big project at their house! They decided to do a big water feature in the front and put up all these big column rocks! Which the front big rock will have water coming out of it and then run down the front of the rocks into a little pond area! They keep sending us updated pictures and it looks great!! I cant wait to see the final project!
Deven and my brother Josh helped to put all those rocks- that day they moved 17,000 lbs of rocks!!

My dad drove the tractor! The rocks were so heavy that one ended up making it go up onto his front wheels. It scared me so bad but my dad looked very calm as he sat being lifted in the tractor. It is a good thing the rock landed up on the big pile or else he would have tipped up a whole lot more :(

Washington vacation June 16-28th

The rest of the weekend and the next week I enjoyed being at my parents Lake house and home! I was so sad because Deven was not there. Thankfully he surprised me and got to Washington earlier than I thought on the 24th! So he was able to spend 4 days there!

Madison got the guts to jump off the boat garage if Adam and her dad jumped with her. She is a brave 6 year old!
Tanner and Madison loved jumping back and forth between docks on the aqua glide!

Can you find my cute husband in this picture? I see a leg ;)

Look at my cute husband ski away!

Nikki loves to finish and always had her fishing poll in the water!

Doing what we love to do is just relax at the lake!

My cute mom and nephew tanner! Tanner loved riding the jet ski with grandma!

Madison knee boarding- she is very good at it

Another fish they caught!

I loved floating on the tube and would paddle alittle ways out in the water but Tanner would keep pulling us back in-

Madison was very brave and swam back to the dock!! She is a little fish..

Stephen and Lisa going for a little float!

Lisa's Birthday!!!! We had our traditional birthday breakfast of waffles, ice cream and strawberries!

We were their for fathers day but missed mothers day so we celebrate both with my parents! I loved being home and spending time with them!! We got them decorations for them to put up at their lake house!!

Tanner and Madison decorated cookies for fathers day!

June 16th and 17th

For my mothers day present Deven wanted me to go home!!! He was going to fly me home but then it ended up working out around the same time my brother Stephen would be driving there as well. So I rode to Washington with Stephen and his fiance Lisa!

We got to Washington on thursday night and drove all the way to Seattle. We met my parents there and spent the night. My cousin Camery was getting married on Friday morning so we went to her beautiful wedding!

My aunt and uncles family! They all just look so cute!

My aunt and uncle and cousins with some of my family! Just watching the bride and groom take pictures!

The beautiful bride and her beautiful daughter Natalie!

Congrats to the Bride and Groom!

My sister-in-law Nikki and I are both pregnant! She is getting induced on July 20th! Its just around the corner--

My niece and nephew and my cousins!

Uncle Kevin and Natalie

I love this reenactment they are dong with the statue! Looks just like the statue ;)

1st time mowing our lawn

Thankfully our yard continues to keep making progress! We mowed our lawn for the first time the beginning of June! I had Deven make the first passes with it and we did find one sprinkler too high! So Deven ran it over with the mower. But we got a new one for it and have not had a problem since! I'm so excited to finally have a yard to walk on and sit on!

New Addition to Our Family!

Baby Johnson will be coming to our family in December! We couldnt ask for a better christmas present than our sweet baby! My next doctors appointment is on wednesday the 14th! I will be 18 weeks. At that appointment we schedule the ultrasound appointment-- it is killing us not knowing what we are having yet :(

17 weeks

11 weeks

1st year Anniversary

May 21st was our 1st year anniversary!!! We stayed the weekend up in Midway at these cute condos! We had lots of fun relaxing and exploring around Park City!