Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby Payten Lynn Johnson

Our precious little angle!

During the ultra sound she would always cross her legs.

Perfect little left foot.

She loves her belly.

Kept putting her hand up on her face. You can see those white dots are her fingers.

Sadly looks like an alien, but a very cute one. Her head and eyes!

And again laying on her belly sticking her butt in the air!

Her whole body!

Looking down on the top of her back.

I believe this one is her arm. (not really sure though :) )

To start the ultra sound off the doctor thought he would be funny and do a picture of Payten but flipped it to look like two babies in me. So baby A and baby B are both Payten!

21 Weeks

21 weeks and still feeling great!

Payten is moving like crazy. She loves to move the most whenever I lay down, she must think its play time when I'm about to go to bed. But its nice that you can feel her kicking so much at night time because then Deven has been able to feel her. Last night she was kicking so much Deven asked me if that was just all of her kicking...she must have been doing her aerobics!

I must say how lucky this pregnancy has been for me so far. I cannot complain one bit- However, a few things that I have experienced is feeling a little sick to my stomach if I eat too many hot things, like my favorite salsa and hot chips ;(. but other than that its great!