Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas eve & Christmas

Christmas Eve we went over to Deven's parents house and had dinner and played games.

We played Adult Headbands. You had to guess what or who you were?

Payten opened her new jammies

Christmas Day- Santa came!!!

Still not sure about the opening of the presnts, but loved what was inside the presents.

Christmas Day Stephen & Lisa blessed baby Aliyah!


We had a very good christmas and very blessed with everything we have. We enjoyed spending time with our families. The only thing that would have made it better was if we had snow. We are still patiently waiting for the snow to come :(

Happy 1st Birthday Payten -December 22nd

For Payten's 1st birthday I wanted to make her a cake! And not a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. So I made her a funfetti cake with fondant. This was my first fondant cake so I made a huge mess and it took me a long time to make. Now I know some tricks and how to make it go faster the next time. Since I made Payten's 1st cake, I am going to have to make all our kids cakes. But that is ok because I had a lot of fun doing it!

I need a few more cake supplies at my house, so I had to improvise. It is so much easier decorating cakes at Baskin Robbins where I have a lot more supplies.

The finished cake! I really cant complain for my first fondant cake. However, we are always hardest on ourselves, so there were a lot of little areas I did not like.

Payten had no clue what was going on and that all the presents and people were for her.

A few of her cousins

Ethan and Payten are good little buddies. They are only 5 months apart.

Payten was not sure about opening the presents. Her cousins however were all about helping her open them.

Once the presents were out of the wrapping paper she loved her new toys.

Grandpa Alan and Grandma Kim got Payten her own recliner. She loved it! And Deven had to make it even better by having a Dr. Pepper in her hand! She is her fathers daughter.

She thought it tasted pretty good!

Buds again sharing the new chair!

A few of the cousins on the bird side. Getting pictures with kids is not the easiest thing. Ethan LOVES to always get Paytens hair bows.

12 month check up:
Height: 30" (76%)
Weight: 20 lbs 13 oz (44%)
Head: 17" (6%)

  • She is a very big daddy's girl! Every time he is about to leave she gets so upsets and has to be held by him. If I try to take her from him she cries and puts her head into Deven. She snuggles with him and loves to play with him. If I leave she does not care! I love how much she loves her dad.
  • Loves to sing to Old Mcdonald! She is really good at the ee-i-ee-i-o.
  • Has learned how to push the home key on our iphones. So when she has my phone I constantly hear Siri asking "how can I help". And Payten jabbers at her and she then responds with "I'm not sure what you are asking"!
  • If there are clothes by her I'm trying to fold she will go over to them and try to put them on or throws them around.
  • Can take a couple steps when she feels like it. The most steps she has taken is about 5. She would much rather crawl because she is so fast.
  • She loves to blow kisses
  • Loves to sound like an indian with her mouth and hand.
  • Kinda strange but loves to slap her hands to her face or over her ears. Maybe because we always laugh at her when she does it.
  • Loves drinking regular milk. Well actually I don't think she notices a difference from her formula. I think we like it more than her, so much easier and cheaper. Right after she started drinking regular milk I found a coupon for her formula for $5 off. Man it would have been nice to have that before she switched!
  • If we laugh at something she thinks that she needs to laugh out loud too :)
  • Has 5 teeth coming in, including 1 of her molars
  • Claps whenever she hears people clapping.
  • Loves to drink juice or water. If we did not limit her, she would drink so much!
  • Loves to climb up on her chairs or toy train she can sit on.
  • Loves being outside. Gets mad when we bring her inside.
  • A big help when we load/unload the dish washer. Loves to take things out and then climb onto the dish washer.
  • Good at re-organizing my cupboards daily.
  • Loves ice-cream! I think that just comes with being a Bird!
  • Been on 9 different planes
  • Finally can hold a bottle by herself, she would rather us hold it though! And I don't mind, I love those times to cuddle!
At a year she has been a really good sleeper! She sleeps about 10.5 hours at night and then about 5 hours during the day between her 2 naps each day. She goes to sleep around 10 and wakes up around 8:30 (unless she gets all out of schedule during the day, and will randomly wake up for a bottle around 6:30-7, then sleeps until 9-9:30). Then she will have her first nap around 11:30-12 for about 2.5 to 3 hrs. Then her second nap is around 5pm for about 2 to 2.5 hrs. I know it seems really late for her going to bed, but I think it is important for Payten to have time with her daddy whenever he gets home! And with her good napping during the day, she gets plenty of sleep!

She drinks 4 bottles a day. When she wakes up, before her first nap, before her second nap, and then before she goes to sleep. Totaling around 20-25 ounces each day.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Florida & Cruise- December 8th-17th

**WARNING:Most of these pictures are in order. But towards the end they are not, and I did not feel like moving them all around :)
*** AND I do not do well in humidity!!! So don't mind how gross I look and how soggy my hair looks!

We flew into Florida at 10 pm on thursday. Payten did really well for such long flights. Thankfully the 2nd flight that was 4 hours, she fell asleep for about 2 hours. Then she was entertained by a little boy acrossed the isle and by Deven, Grandma Bird, and I!!!

Then friday we spent the day exploring what Miami had to offer. We went to the everglades and were going to do an airboat ride but as you can see in the picture below it was a little stormy just then. So we just explored the animals that were there. It may look like it was not bright for us, but the direction we were looking for the picture was extremely bright!

Deven was brave and held an alligator, I DID NOT! I would not even touch it!

We took a duck tour (land and water) through Miami. It was a 2 hour tour and surprisingly Payten did good checking things out!

Chris & Shani's family got there on friday night. And then we left for our cruise on saturday morning! Us waiting for the shuttle to pick us up!

Now waiting in line to get on the ship. That day for some reason we did ALOT of waiting!

They had dress up nights on the cruise ship for 2 nights, but we only dressed up for one of the nights. The other night we wanted to be lazy and just relax watching an out door movie!!
Our dinners each night took us about 2 hours and Brighton and Payten did really well sitting through the long dinner.

There was a couple behind Payten she loved to play with and throw things at. She was entertained by them. Luckily they had a one year old (they left him home) so they loved Payten!

We would always meet in the same spot to have breakfast in the morning and touch basis with everyones plans.

Payten loved the cruise and checking everything/everyone out!

The sunsets on the cruise were gorgeous!

My adorable parents!

St. Thomas- absolutely beautiful!

My dad, Chris & Deven did a lot of snorkeling.

I HATE HATE HATE FISH!!! But I did really well for how friendly the fish were at our stops. I would swim by myself if Deven was off snorkeling, but if he was around he would usually be holding Payten and Me :)!!!

There was something about the calming of the ocean because it put Payten right to sleep when we would be out swimming!

A lady gave us some dog bones and tolds us the fish with come up to you and nibble at the food. The dog food does not dissolve like a normal cracker and lasts a long time! I was not too sure about using the bone to attract the fish around us! It worked really good though!

Grandma Bird was very nice to hold wet Payten as she slept! Grandma was definitely wet after Payten woke up. Payten LOVED Grandma Bird!

St. Johns was behind us.

The taxi in St. Thomas! It was like a roller coaster getting over to the beach we swam at. Sapphire beach!
After about 3 hours of swimming we went back to the ship to change and then headed back out to explore the little shops at St. Thomas.

2nd stop- Puerto Rico! Payten was ready for the next day of exploring.

Out on my parents balcony on the ship looking at Puerto Rico.

While at Puerto Rico we took a tour around the city! Another 2 hour tour and the kids did really good again! The streets were so tight, and yet the tour guide still drove a big 12 seater van down the tight roads.
This was a little scary going down the hill and seeing how sharp this corner was going to be. The driver did have to do a lot of backwards and forwards driving to maneuver around Puerto Rico.
This is the worlds smallest home in the Guiness book. The yellow building is a guys home!
After our tour we then walked around exploring Puerto Rico.

Leaving Puerto Rico

The cruise ship had a big outside movie theater. During the days at ports Payten did not get her full naps so by the evening times she was a little tired.

She was such a good girl at dinner!

At dinner they would have a thing called Didja (did you ever want to try...) and every night was something different. Deven and my brother Chris were the only daring ones. This is alligator!

Who doesnt love dessert!!! Deven would always get the chocolate melting cake with an extra scoop of ice cream. I loved the unlimited amount of soft serve.

Brighton and Payten absolutely loved each other. Every time Payten saw Brighton she got so excited and had to try and touch him! She is pretty close to being able to say his name!

Turks & Caicos
This place was absolutely beautiful! I must say the caribbean all around is pretty amazing!

Once again we were playing in the water and it put Payten right to sleep again. 2nd time falling asleep in the ocean!

This time we put Payten on the sand so she did not get Grandma all wet again.

I was very proud of myself because I actually snorkeled in Grand Turks. Since our honeymoon Deven told me I was banned from snorkeling with him. On our honeymoon I snorkeled but swam on top of Deven in the water and every time I saw a fish come really close I would push Deven under and almost drowned him :(. But this time I just swam next to him and did not freak out when the fish came close! Man I must say, in my older age I am getting a little braver :)

Random pictures on the ship

On the last night they had a let it snow party. You cant see in the picture but they had big bubble machines that made it look like it was snowing. Payten got them in her face.

Our waiter was great and always tried to make and entertain Brighton and Payten.

We walked into the store on the ship and Payten had to have every stuffed animal. We got her one and then a couple days later Deven went for a walk with Payten and he came back with another stuffed animal. We are going to be in trouble when she gets older.

The nightly towel animals Payten was not sure about. She thought she needed the sunglasses and not the animal.

We were famous, on the big screen on the ship!

Payten loves loves loves the water. She could not get enough of it.

More pictures of St. Thomas

We kept trying to get her to give him a kiss, but she would not!

Overall she was so happy the whole time.

A couple more of Grand Turks

Randomly and a bit gross, Payten put her cereal on the table and started eating it off like a dog.

This was her bed, It was just the metal bars with no patting on it. And Payten was excited when she first saw it and bunked her head on the bars. She likes to sleep pushed to the edges, so I took sheets/blankets and made her own bumper.

There was a little crack under the door where she could see our feet, so whenever someone went into the bathroom, she crawled over so fast to peek under and jabber at us!
Getting ready to fly back home

The cruise was an absolute blast! Taking Payten on the cruise made it so we did things a little different. Like going back to the room a couple times a day for her to take naps, didn't do so much of the night life on the ship, etc. But truly we still had an amazing time. We loved taking naps with her each day and just enjoyed having a little more of a laid back cruise. I could not imagine going on it without her. We loved having her there and getting to see her face so happy when she explored and saw new things. We wanted to go on a family trip and knew it would be a little different having a one year old! Stoping at the ports were a little hard having them back to back so she did not get good naps. But at the ports at she was able to fall asleep in her stroller or in the water. She had so much fun and so did we! We can't wait for more family trips, I think until all our kids are out of the house, I hope that all our trips are with our kids!