Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pictures from the move!

Some of these pictures are a little blurry. I think I must have had my camera setting on a weird mode.

We just got our keys to our house and were unlocking the door!

Deven's parents snowmobile trailer we used to move all our stuff over. Surprisingly we got almost everything to fit in it!

It was pretty packed full as you can see!

Our family room coming together!

My cowgirl sister-in-law dusting the entertainment center

My other sister-in-law and Deven working in the kitchen!

The first thing I got to hang! Now that wall has more pictures. I will have to take more pictures of all the new decorations I have up.

These candy machines were green, red, and gold. But Deven went to town cleaning them and painting them! If you can't tell those are our Jazz candy Machines that go in our Jazz room :)! Deven is a pretty lucky guy I let him have a jazz room!

The whole gang thinking they need a breather! This is our jazz room! We don't have our jazz decor up yet as you can tell! You got to love those temporary blinds in the back. We our still waiting on the real ones to come.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


We finally closed on our house Tuesday (Nov. 3) and moved in Wednesday! Since then you can only imagine how busy life has been with moving, unpacking, and decorating! Of course I absolutely love the decorating part! Deven hates putting holes in the wall but who doesn't! He has been a very good sport with letting me decorate and put pictures up! I ask him first if he likes it and he always tells me yeah if you like it there. He is very easy going to decorating so that is great for me. After I have put things up he really likes what I have done so that is great!!! I will have to put pictures up later. My parents want to see pictures but I just don't want pictures until its the finished product but I will get some up on here very soon!