Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7 months (July 22nd)

With us being in WA for the summer Payten did not get her 6 month appointment when she was 6 months. So we had her check up when she was 7 months.

Heigh: 26 1/8 inches 50%
Weight: 16.13 lbs 50%
Head: 16.5 inchs

We still have a thumb sucker. She doesn't suck on her fingers much anymore but she sucks on her thumb when she is tired or hungry. The pictures below were taken right before her nap. So she was getting pretty tired.

She loves to suck on her toes! She is practicing her flexibility to be a cheerleader ;)!!!

She loves to give cheeser smiles.

She usually goes down for her naps really well. I tell her "good night I love you" and lay her down. She will then roll over and go to sleep. However, if I put her in bed before she is truly tired and ready for bed, she will let you know. She now also loves to sleep on her stomach, sometimes I'm not sure she can even breathe because he head looks like it is straight down. I try to move her but she goes back to her same position. So she must be just fine.

She loves eating food...and I'm not meaning baby food. If you are eating around her she has to be eating what you are eating. If you try to give her a bottle or baby food she does not want it because she knows that we are eating other stuff that is a lot better than what she eats. I have to give her a bottle and baby food when we are not eating or drinking, that way she will eat her food good and drink her bottle.

She loves popsicles and shaved ice. If you even think about eating those around her you just need to plan on not having any. She gets very upset if you do not let her lick it fast enough. She makes a very growling upset noise until she gets what she wants. I do not understand where babies learn these things.

She is a very happy baby all the time unless she does not get what she wants then she makes a very mad growling noise.

She goes to bed around 9-9:30 pm, wakes up around 6 and drinks her bottle and then goes back to sleep until 8-8:30 am. Randomly she will decide to wake up a little earlier for her morning bottle. Once in a blue moon she will wake up in the middle of the night. Usually that happens if her day time schedule gets all messed up and does not have her same night time routine.
She takes two two hour naps a day. 1st at 10:30 ish and 2nd around 2:30 ish.

She is trying so hard to crawl to get things but ends up getting very frustrated because when she wants to go forward she ends up pushing herself backwards. She will get up into crawling position and rock her body a little and then gets very frustrated. So it will be interesting to see when she finally figures it out.

She hates to have her face washed after eating, she likes her face washed in the bath tub but not after eating. She also hates her diaper and clothes being changed.

She loves splashing in the bath tub or any water. She could play for hours in water if I let her.

She gets so happy when daddy gets home. As soon as she seems him her face lights up and gets so jittery. If dad does not pick her up right away she gets very mad (little does she realize how dirty dad is when he gets home and needs to wash up before he holds her).

She loves to get peoples attention by face coughing or spitting. When she does both it is pretty funny but when she is constantly coughing to get peoples attention they all probably think she is sick. ;) Little do they know she just wants them to talk to her.

She loves seeing other babies and little kids. She makes squealing sounds of excitement when she sees them and just wants to watch and play with them.

We love this little girl so much and can't believe how fast she is growing and changing. She hates to be held like a baby so when she is half asleep in the mornings drinking her bottle I really cherish those moments. And at nights when she is getting really sleepy and should be put in bed Deven and I fight over having cuddle time with her. She brings so much joy in our lives, we can't even imagine our life without her.

Monday, August 1, 2011

4th of July!

Don't mind how tired and nasty we look but it was after a long day of playing outside. It was just about Payten's bedtime and I wanted a family picture.

She did not want to sit still. She kept trying to move around and get things.

Loves outside, especially playing in the water!

First time playing in her little pool!

You may notice there is a lake to the side of us. However, that water was just a little to chilly at that time, so we decided to fill up Payten's pool with warm water!!! Brilliant idea if you ask me!

We try to spend every weekend at my parents lake house! It is just a nice little getaway that is not a long drive. Payten loves being there!!!

It was still a little chilly so Payten didn't get a real ride on the jet ski

Now for her real ride! And she LOVED IT!!!

The weather warmed up and Payten loved playing in the lake! She loves to splash and kick in the water!

First boat ride! This was on the way home and it was in the evening time and a little windy! So we covered our precious cargo!

She loved boating as well and looked all around!

We love to play on the Aquaglide!

Payten loved having her cousins come and play with her!

Payten meets Kensie

My longtime friend (since we were very little ;)) came to WA to visit her family! So we for sure needed to get together and make hair bows, catch up, and have our girls play together. Kensie is 3 months and 6 days older than Payten. Payten was not sure of Kensie but was just interested in watching what she was doing. Kensie loved to try and get Payten. She especially loved to try to get Payten's feet. The two girls were so cute together and had so much fun. Only wish we lived closer so our girls could be best friends like we are.

6 months (June 22nd)

Isn't she just so cute...she learned how to pull at her bow to take it off. She usually is pretty good at leaving it on and will only pull at it if by chance she reaches up and feels it with her hands, then she will take it off.

Every day Payten keeps changing so much and learning new things. Since she learned how to sit up, every time you try to lay her down on her back she tries so hard to keep her head off the ground and tries so hard to sit up. She has killer ab muscles from doing that constantly. When she gets a diaper changed she really refuses to lay down not only will she not lay down, she also squeezes her legs together a couple inches off the ground. Needless to say it is a very big challenge to change her diaper.

She learned how to wave, so she waves hi and bye to people and really understands what she is doing. When we walk by different people she will wave to them. Also if you tell her goodnight she will wave to you.

She still loves her tongue and loves spitting. The bad thing about her making the spitting sounds with her lips is she does it when she needs to be quiet. Especially loves to do it at church during a pray or talk. And if I cover her mouth to make her quiet that only ticks her off and makes her do it even more.

She will let you know when she does not want to play with something or when she is done eating or drinking. She will either throw the toy or push the spoon or bottle coming her way. She is a strong baby. If she hasn't finished her bottle all the way yet and I try to give her some more she will push your hands and bottle away and squeeze her lips together. If you keep trying to get her to eat or drink she will get really mad and give you some attitude.

She especially loves to throw her toys down when she is sitting in a high chair. See her nice pile of toys...

Caught in the act of getting rid of them. She is very fast at getting rid of them too. She doesn't play with them for a little while and then slowly throw them off one by one. As soon as there are toys on her tray they are off in a matter of seconds.

Sitting UP 5 months

I really need to get better at staying on top of my blogging! It makes it hard to catch up.

About a week after Payten turned 5 months (may 22nd) it was like she woke up from her nap and decided that she was going to start sitting up. She absolutely hates laying down now that she knows how to sit up.

A week after sitting up she got her first tooth bottom left tooth (5.5 months). I thought it was the cutest tooth and checked on its progress cutting through 24/7. The week after she got her second tooth bottom right. So now I have the cutest baby with her two bottom teeth.