Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Taxes Done March 29th

This year was my first year doing my taxes!!! With Deven's business we had to pay someone to do them. We lucked out last year and my mom was able to help us figure them out so we didn't have to pay anyone.  But this year I did them!!! Thankfully Payten took about a 3 hour nap so I was able to do them.  And thankfully my mom was nice enough to be on the phone with me in case I had a question.  I did them all once and then realized that I could do them a different way so that I didn't have to pay to submit them.  So I did it all again!

I felt very accomplished with the fact that I didn't have anyone else at my house helping me do them! It sounds a little weird but I thought they were actually fun trying to figure them all out! One big help was that I use!!! Mint is just a great program I recommend everyone to use!  It helps me keep track of my money so I know exactly where all of my money is going and then I can categorize all my expenses so that when Tax time comes I can group all my expense in the right category and easily figure out how much I spent on each thing!

By using Mint I am so much more aware of our money and trying to save as much as possible.  I love setting a budget so I know how much money I can spend on certain things! Since Deven is the one making the money it is my job to make it stretch as far as possible! And combined with using Mint and couponing I have been able to stretch our money out and save money!!!

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